Meditation 101

“The point of meditation is not to discover some cool techniques to occupy your leisure

hours; it’s to make the simple momentous shift from doing to being.  Don’t make the mistake of turning your meditation practice into another como se usa la viagra urgent item on your list of things to do” (Meditation for Dummies, pg. 6).

  • Meditation is a  willingness to be present with whatever unfolds in the moment
  • Mindfulness is to know ones feelings without having to act upon them
  • Mindfulness cialis generique confers upon us the capacity to relate to emotional life in an open, balanced, accepting, and tolerant way, while freeing us to act with compassion, rather than on impulse, in response.  – (thoughts without a thinker. Xxii).
  • Pay attention to sensations in your body
  • Repeat a meaningful word or phrase
  • Follow your breath
  • Cultivate lovingkindness, compassion, forgiveness, compassion, or other healing emotion
  • Visualize a peaceful place or visualize Christ


Benefits of meditation

  • Stronger focus and concentration
  • Reduced tension, anxiety, and stress
  • Clearer thinking and emotional turmoil
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Increased self-understanding and self-acceptance
  • More love, joy, and spontaneity
  • Greater intimacy with friends and family members
  • Deeper sense of meaning and purpose
  • Glimpses into spiritual dimension


Meditation made simple

  • Benson Meditation
  • Step 1 (half step): Get comfortable – breathe comfortably
  • Part 1 Repeat a neutral word upon exhaling and otherwise empty

    the mind (e.g., “One”)

  • Part 2 When you fail at part 1, forgive yourself and, because you prefer part 1, return to part 1.  Part 2 is STILL meditating.
  • Spending a high percentage of the meditation on part 1 will yield deep, often profound relaxation.
  • Spending a high percentage of the meditation on part 2 will yield deep relaxation.